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Aruba Smart Mesh for Instant On
Wi-Fi coverage without wires

As a small business just starting up, you may not think of providing Wi-Fi access to all areas of your business. But, as you add employees or need new space, this can lead to areas with limited or non-existent Wi-Fi coverage called "dead zones." If using traditional access points (also called APs or Wi-Fi routers), an Ethernet cable must run to where each new AP is added. And you need an additional switch port, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) support.

Whether you're expanding coverage for more users, or adding more space - extending your network could become a nightmare. Short timelines, the added costs and a lack of IT resources can also delay a project. Mesh Wi-Fi allows you to connect and build out a network of APs, without the need for added cabling. A single “primary” AP acts as a gateway for traffic flowing in from satellite APs. Goodbye dead zones!

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The help you meet your growing needs, the Aruba Instant On access points all support Aruba Smart Mesh, our version of simple-to-use mesh Wi-Fi. Once the first AP is connected, you simply plug the 2nd AP into an AC power source, and with a single click it connects to the primary AP over Wi-Fi automatically. It's a simple way to get the Wi-Fi coverage you need indoors or out.

All you need is a power outlet to connect to the AP and the configuration app that comes with your Instant On APs - no Ethernet cabling or switch ports required.


A mesh is a set of access points that work with together to extend coverage over a broader area. By connecting a primary AP to your Internet router, you can simply power up satellite APs that automatically link to the primary AP. Each of the APs communicates with each other and provides a single extended network or mesh.

Because each of the APs communicates with each other there is no loss of bandwidth, so coverage is as good as if you were right next to the primary AP. Another advantage is that you can simply add more APs as your business grows, and manage them all using a smartphone or cloud solution.

Smart-Mesh APs


  • Extended Wi-Fi coverage that alleviates dead zones
  • Does not require Ethernet ports or cabling
  • A single network can support up to 25 APs
  • Setup can be performed in minutes
  • No special licensing required


Aruba Instant On access points are designed to give you more than a today's consumer grade Wi-Fi router. Built-in security, traffic segmentation per network and the ability to use up to 25 APs in a single network means you get a fast and secure connection, whether indoors or out.

For small businesses that are facing the challenges of digital transformation, you need a standards-based wireless solution that includes mesh software. With Aruba Instant On, you also get 1Gbe uplinks, built-in Bluetooth IoT device support, mobile and cloud management and 24x7 support.

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