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Adaptive Radio Management
Employs infrastructure-based controls

Hassle-free deployment with guaranteed service levels.

Aruba Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) technology employs infrastructure-based controls to optimize Wi-Fi client behavior and automatically ensures that Aruba access points (APs) stay clear of interference, resulting in a more reliable, higher performance wireless LAN infrastructure.

Without disconnecting client devices or disrupting business-critical applications, ARM automatically adjusts 802.11 channel assignments on Aruba 802.11n APs. ARM is the only dynamic RF management capability that is certified to operate in the presence of voice-over-Wi-Fi traffic as it dynamically adapts RF scanning in the presence of latency-sensitive applications.

ARM is the most effective RF management solution in helping Wi-Fi clients associate with the best channel, best frequency and best AP. By ensuring the fair distribution of available Wi-Fi bandwidth to mobile devices, ARM ensures that data, voice and video applications have sufficient network resources at all times.

ARM can be used in conjunction with the Aruba RFProtect Spectrum Analyzer. While ARM optimizes client behavior and ensures that APs stay clear of interference, the RFProtect Spectrum Analyzer utilizes Aruba 802.11n APs to remotely identify and classify Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi sources of interference.

Key ARM features include: